What India tour down under showed us??!!

  January 28, 2021

What India tour down under showed us??!!

“And it reaches the fence… it’s a four!… India incredible!… Rishabh Pant is the star! India wins the test and India wins the series by 2-1. They have won hearts and minds of people all around the world…”

The last few lines of one of the greatest triumphs in the history of Indian Cricket... The team of Indian newbies and lesser known no-ones standing tall against the might of the Aussies and defeating them in their own backyard – Brisbane, where they were unbeaten against numerous attempts of various teams across the world in last 32 years. What a proud moment for us as Indians!! The whole of India rejoiced with the Indian National Cricket Team, truly the Pride of the Nation!!!

Well, well, well… The celebrations and the ecstatic moments apart, this is also one of the most important learning milestones for organizations, teams and individuals like us. I am sure eulogies will be written for the team, possibly Bollywood movies will be made out of this exemplary achievement, but for all of us as individuals as well, there is so much of take away… Every moment of life whether it’s most joyous occasion or most agonizing event, life’s philosophy remains the same: What are you taking away from this experience? Still confused on what are we really discussing here?

The events in life are the result of a series of critical choices, a link between successive decisions that you have to make and the choice amongst the “could have been” and “just did that”. Whether it’s the spiritual / philosophical thought foundation or the financial world, or whether everything is practical and real in front of you, the edifices are made from putting together one stone at a time and building one wall at a time. The event we just witnessed in Australia and where the Indian team showed its mettle to beat the almost full-strength Australian team, all the credit is given to how Ajinkya Rahane performed as a captain admirably! And how the Indian bowling team having difference of 1000 wickets total compared to the Australian bowling team (1013 Wickets for all Australian Bowlers to only 13 wickets total for entire Indian Bowling Attack) performed exceptionally well… And how Indian batting unit showed its resilience to first sustain, block and then eventually play the free spirited game to chase 327 on a last day pitch… Woww!! Still brings goose-bumps, right?? But, to just attribute this entire success to the team that played its role on Day 5 to win the match, would be really unjust to all the previous choices and decisions made by Indian Cricket stakeholders.

It’s absolutely analogical to the financial and wealth-building concepts that one should have and build a team which can win in the long term. Analogically speaking,

      A) Picks those are safe: The batsman Pujara and Rahane, who can play on any surface of the world… probably some of the strong mutual fund suggestions which have performed consistently over the long period of time….
      B) The choices those are risk-worthy: The batsman like Rishabh Pant who on their day can beat down any opposition… Allocation to certain funds which are young and develop over a period of time but you need to invest now so that you can take the benefit when they turn superstars.
      C) And the changes to bring in a factor of safety: Like Indian team keeping back its 20+ players in Australia to cover for Covid-19 restrictions because of quarantine requirements… Eventually, all these factors accounted for this historic milestone in probably not just Indian but World Test Cricket history. We similarly have to invest in multiple instruments and recommendations, not keep all eggs in single basket. That would be a risky move.

The team from the first test and the last test had only three common players playing, rest of the team was turned over due to injuries, circumstances and best choice for best pitches. Similarly, it’s very wise to continue to revisit and streamline your portfolio to take benefit of scenario as it emerges in the financial markets. It’s not a smart move to continue to count on “injured” players or investments, and expect the same winning results.

Virat Kohli who wears his emotion on the sleeve and Coach Ravi Shastri should get plenty of credit for building such a tough mindset team which stood tall mentally, emotionally and skill-wise to achieve the un-imaginable. Similarly, do build your portfolio from inside out with a robust core and strong muscles which has:

      1. the strength to face any bouncers like Covid-19 market hit,
      2. ready to face any googlies or wrong-ones like FDIs (Foreign Direct Investors) creating the ‘selling off frenzy’ due to international events or
      3. also geared up to take up the newer opportunities thrown open by the rapid development of technology in today’s super-fast corporate world…

To finally sum it all up and this entire philosophy, in famous words of one of the greatest test cricketers that India has ever produced - Sunil Gavaskar (and in Marathi, his mother tongue):

या दुनिये मधे थांबायाला वेळ कोणाला? हे जीवन म्हणजे क्रिकेट राजा, हुकला तो संपला ! अफाट ऐशा मैदानी तू येशी वेळोवेळी डाव तुझा येताच जमविशी जपून अपुली खेळी काळ करी बघ गोलंदाजी, संकट चेंडू फेकी भवताली तव झेल घ्यावया जो तो फासे टाकी मागे टपला यष्टीरक्षक तुझा उधळण्या डाव या सार्‍यांना चकवशील तर मिळेल तुजला धाव चतुर आणखी सावध जो जो, तोच इथे रंगला हे जीवन म्हणजे क्रिकेट राजा, हुकला तो संपला !