Let’s Grow Wealth Together

Finnovators is a financial solutions company that manages all aspects of investment with a single goal – to grow and protect investor capital. The services give every investor a chance to leverage the potential of financial freedom and create strong wealth management strategies for themselves. The team simplifies the process of investment and assists you at every step. Finnovators is ready to guide you towards financial freedom and wealth building.

At Finnovators, it is our promise to create value – for our customers, partners, investors and ourselves through thoughtfully designed investment opportunities that bring people together.


To be a leading financial investment company providing trustworthy and innovative services to clients and drive meaningful value through each investment opportunity.


To leverage our vast knowledge, talent and resources to create a trusted place for investors to invest their hard-earned capital. It is our endeavour to provide innovative financial solutions for all customers to help them in their objective of long-term wealth creation and deliver confidence about their financial future.


  • Integrity

    The foundation of our conduct and every business transaction. We honour our commitments and our customers.

  • Collaboration & trust

    We have developed a culture of collaboration with our alliances and maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our investors

  • Innovation

    Innovation drives the work-culture at Finnovators. We are constantly thinking about new ways to help our clients increase their wealth. Our innovative ideas and services give us the edge in the investment market.

  • Accountability

    We undertake every investment as our own and work hard for your financial freedom. We are always accountable for our promises, actions and the final results.

Let’s Lead the Way to Innovative Financial Freedom

Balvir Chawla

K. V. Balaji

Bhupendra Ketkar

Neepa Khatri

Amarnath Lal

Hemant Kale

Veena Malgonkar

Let’s make a Difference in Solutions and Services

With the plethora of products available in the financial market, it has become challenging for individuals to choose the right product as per their needs. At Finnovators, we follow a systematic approach to the entire investment process. Our team ensures that every product we recommend brings a positive difference to your financial life.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at recommending the right mix of products from mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, shares, etc. On the contrary, we build lifelong business relationships to ensure that you achieve all the dreams you envision. Our regular reviews help us determine whether your investments are in line with your current, evolving and futuristic goals.

Our product basket contains the following:

  • Mutual funds Equity and Debt

  • Fixed income products

  • Bonds Tax-Free and NCD

  • NPS National Pension Scheme

  • Insurance Life and Health

Saving taxes is one of our prime concerns, especially when you’re earning starts increasing. At Finnovators, we believe that along with saving tax, we can also make your money work for you. Choosing the right product ensures tax efficient returns on maturity, too. Trust our team of financial advisors to recommend the best routes to reduce your tax liability and ensure that you don’t lose out on the returns.

Wealth can’t be created overnight. It is the result of efforts that begin as soon as you start earning and continue till retirement and beyond. Finnovators has assisted families to create wealth, conserve it, and pass it on to the next generation in the most tax-efficient manner. We take pride in assisting a generation in creating wealth and assisting another generation in transferring the wealth in the way they want it done.

Retirement is a concern for all of us. With India’s major young population, the challenges of the future include increasing longevity, non-dependence on the next generation, early retirement, higher medical expenses, inflation, etc., to name a few. At Finnovators, our team considers all these factors and ensures that you can enjoy a stress-free retirement. Right from choosing the right product mix to building your retirement corpus and then selecting products for a steady inflation-proof income post-retirement, we do it all.



Let’s Promote Employee Wealth & Welfare

When your employee welfare matters, you go a step beyond to help them understand their finances and plan accordingly. At Finnovators, we help companies like yours with the right financial solutions for your employees. FinnDesk is our dedicated helpdesk wherein our team of experts will visit your office premises on designated days. For instance, we might schedule an interaction on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. During this time, all interested employees are free to have a personal discussion with our financial experts. This consultation is complimentary for the employees, and they can get all their personal finance queries answered by leaders in the industry.

What’s Covered in FinnDesk?

Money Basics: Income, Expenditure, Assets, Liabilities, Inflation, Compounding, Taxes, Common Mistakes

Insurance: Emergency Funding, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, etc.

Goals: Being on track to achieve certain financial goals like children's education, buying a house, retirement and other family obligations and personal dreams

Investment Options: Available for Retail Investors - Risk, Return, Tax, Duration, Liquidity, Suitability, etc.

TaxPlanning: How to plan your taxes effectively

Mutual Funds: Understanding and investing through Mutual Funds – Collective Investment Vehicles

Key Advantages of Choosing FinnDesk for Your Company

  • It’s a credible, beneficial and excellent employee welfare activity

  • It will help your employees get the right direction for their money management

  • It’s also a great initiative to help employees be satisfied with their salaries. Our experts will guide them on how goals can be achieved by being disciplined with savings and investments

  • Your employees will be grateful towards the company, thus building your brand value and goodwill

FAQs Covered During FinnDesk

  • How much money do I need to set aside as emergency funds?

  • Is it advisable to prepay my home loan?

  • How much money will I need for a comfortable retirement?

  • What are the various tax saving options available for salaried professionals?

  • What are mutual funds and how to get started with them?

  • How much life insurance do I need to secure my family?

  • How much should I invest for my children's education?

  • Are my current investments beating inflation (mehengayi)?

  • How to best utilize the Provident Fund contributions?

  • What to do with my existing investments & insurance policies?

Don’t you think this can be a great platform for your employees? If yes, Call Finnobuddy today to set up an appointment!

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Current Openings at Finnovators

Client Service Advisor (FinnoBuddy)

Job Profile

  • Offering prompt service to clients – resolve queries, complete service requests, email reports, etc.

  • Meeting clients for completion of investments and any follow-ups

  • Diligently operate an investment software to tally transactions and handle customer investment data

  • Ongoing administrative work

Candidate Profile

  • Energetic individuals with a dream to build a career in the financial services industry

  • Eagerness to learn

  • Graduation must

  • Fluency in English – Oral, Written and Reading

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint + Outlook (Emails)

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

Operations Executive / Manager

Job Profile

  • Handling customer/internal queries (transaction status, account statements, etc.)

  • Handling execution of investment and related transactions for clients

  • Taking ownership of customer issues and following problems through to resolution

  • Interacting with vendors to facilitate customer service

  • Ensuring processing of application forms for mutual funds, insurance and other transactions (scrutinizing, scanning, data entry, dispatching for processing) every day within deadlines

  • Maintaining 100% system adherence by monitoring and tracking the various TATs and SLAs laid at each customer interaction point

  • Reconciling all the transactions dail

  • MIS Management

Management Trainee/ Intern

Job Profile

This position would allow the candidate to learn true financial planning/ advisory. Training & mentoring assistance provided by Finnovators will be invaluable for the future career progression of the candidate. The candidate would over-time get hands-on experience in doing financial plans & offering advisories.

  • Sound knowledge on financial planning & allied finance areas, which we will build on

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

  • Knowledge of Hindi, Marathi and other regional languages is a plus

Candidates with MBA / BBA freshers / experienced with a flair for learning are most welcome to build their careers with Finnovators